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The Go-To Dentist for Dental Implants in Hamilton Township

Sep 28

Dental implants in Hamilton Township, NJ replace lost or damaged teeth, restoring your appearance and oral functionality. However, they are only successful when handled by an experienced Hamilton Township dentist, and that’s why you should land at Rockwell Dentistry. We follow a systematic approach to ensure the teeth replacements are properly embedded in the jawbone to function like natural teeth. Our process involves:

Initial Consultation

First, our dentist in Hamilton Township must determine if you’re a candidate for the dental implant procedure. That’s why we have a first consultation to assess your bone density and immune system. This way, we’re able to customize a treatment plan to help you achieve your restoration needs.

Implant Placement and Recovery

After the first consultation, our Hamilton Township dentist sets up an appointment for the procedure. On the surgery day, we make incisions in the gums and embed the implants in the jawbone. We then give time for the implants to fuse to your jawbone. Hamilton Township dentist monitor your recovery during this period to ensure the replacements remain stable before placing the crown.

Crown Placement

Finally, Hamilton Township dentist places a crown over the dental implant. It gives you the full appearance and function of the natural tooth. In this instance, we make sure that the crown is in the right size, shape, and shade to match the other teeth. Furthermore, we ensure that you can bite down properly so that you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence.


At Rockwell Dentistry, our commitment to the best quality dental care does not end after the dental implant procedure. Instead, we guide you through the journey to achieving optimal oral health. This is by educating you on good dental hygiene. This means showing you how to brush and floss even with your implants on. It helps remove food particles that could hide between teeth and cause problems along the road. In addition, we help you schedule routine appointments with our Hamilton Township dentist. It helps to monitor your implants and help you maintain a healthy smile.

 Are you unsure if you meet the requirements for dental implants in Hamilton Township? If so, do not hesitate to reserve an appointment at Rockwell Dentistry. We have been helping patients restore their smiles and confidence with dental implants for over a decade. We’ll assess your needs and customize a solution that suits you best. Feel free to stop by our dental office or call to reserve an appointment.

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